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What We do

Mapio is a world class service provider of street view mapping. Our team is readily deployable for projects around the world. After defining the coverage area we shoot and deliver high quality panorama imagery with an associated dataset and image viewer.


We use proprietary technology for data acquisition, image processing and content publishing. Our experienced team uses our own in-house developed software and hardware. This gives us full control of the entire production and post-production process to deliver the industry's best 360� panorama imagery.


Mapio uses custom built multi-camera systems to capture high-resolution imagery. Proprietary control software enables the rapid capture of huge amounts of images. High-quality large-aperture shutter-control systems support high resolution, SLR quality, image capture even in a wide range of lighting conditions with minimal motion blur. This provides outstanding image quality for both indoor and outdoor coverage.

Post Production

After field work is complete it is sent to our post production center. Our post production center finishes the job by ensuring we deliver the highest possible quality panorama images. At this stage, we use our image processing and editing technology for:

Removal of highly sensitive locations
Large-scale privacy blurring (faces, license plates, residential house addresses)
Precision fine tuning of geo-alignment positions
Image enhancement filters
Image stitching to generate 360� panorama imagery
Cataloging systems, status reports, image and data inventory
Secure off-site backup and storage


Bundled together with the imagery is an associated dataset. The dataset includes the following attributes for each panorama location:


Image Viewer

Our Flash Viewer is designed to provide the highest quality user experience. The on-screen controls are intuitive and simple to use. It is fast loading, offers quick image transition, highly responsive and with fluid-like smooth scrolling. The API-driven Flash Viewer offers:

Mouse and keyboard controlled navigation
Custom branding of start screen before 1st image loads
Custom logo, fonts, button skins
Fully Embeddable in any HTML page
High-resolution imagery even when zoomed at close range
POIs embedded in panorama to denote specific point
Clickable POIs embedded in panorama with hyperlink to open external webpage
"Report a concern" button for users to report feedback
Compatible with Google Maps and other major mapping platforms


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